Kuroi Akuma

This is my entry for the "Art War" Character Contest.
Kuroi Akuma (Translation - Black Nightmare)
My entry was for the fantasy portion ( Other was Sci Fi)
Throughout the project I made a lot of changes and learned a lot from this experience. Theres a lot of things that need work and certain aspects suffered due to time but in the future I hope to do better on that.
Hope you like it.

Brian dolan onipresentation

Main Shot

Brian dolan onipresentationside

Side View

Brian dolan brian dolan 34

High Poly Detail Shot 01

Brian dolan brian dolan side2

High Poly Detail Shot 02

Brian dolan brian dolan side03

High Poly Detail Shot 03

Brian dolan brian dolan side 1

High Poly Detail Shot 04

Brian dolan brian dolan 3dprinttest 1

3D Print

Brian dolan lowpolybake

Low Poly Bake 01

Brian dolan lowpolybake2

Low Poly Bake 02

Brian dolan sculptdetail01

Zbrush Sculpt Detail

Marmoset Viewer